CHASE (Collection of Historical Annotated String Editions a project that focuses on historical performance practices: not just current “authentic” practices, but also nineteenth and early twentieth century annotations and editions of older music. These can serve as snapshots of the transmission of ideas about performance over a long historical period.

The CHASE project aims to “hunt out, collect, digitise, and contextualize the extensive, but scattered corpus of nineteenth and early twentieth-century editions of string music, annotated by performers of the period with bowings, fingerings, expression markings, or explanatory comments.” The website also provides access to a growing repository of digitised scores of these editions.

The CHASE centre has just announced details of its forthcoming conference:

Authorship and ‘Authenticity’ in Composition, Editing and Performance (University of Leeds School of Music, April 4-5, 2012).

The conference programme is available here.