Encyclopedia of Music in Ireland
The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland

The much anticipated Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland was launched today in the Freemasons’ Hall in Molesworth street.

The EMIR is the first comprehensive attempt to chart Irish musical life across recorded history and represents the single largest research project on music in Ireland to have been undertaken to date.

Edited by Harry White and Barra Boydell, EMIR contains some 2,000 individual entries which collectively afford an unprecedented survey of the fabric of music in Ireland. It records and evaluates the work of hundreds of individual musicians, performers, composers, teachers, collectors, scholars, ensembles, societies and institutions throughout Irish musical history, and it comprehends the relationship between music and its political, artistic, religious, educational and social contexts in Ireland from the early middle ages to the present day. In its extensive catalogues, discographies and source materials, EMIR sets in order, often for the first time, the legacy and worklists of performers and composers active in Ireland (or of Irish extraction).

The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland is now available in the Reference section of the RIAM Library. Come in and check whether you made it in!