Harrison Medal to be presented to Professor Susan Youens on 23rd November 2016 

The Harrison Medal will be awarded to Professor Susan Youens (University of Notre Dame) for her outstanding contribution to Schubert studies in particular and for Lieder studies in general. The formal presentation of the award followed by Professor Youens’s lecture “Reentering Mozart’s Hell: Schubert and ‘Gruppe aus dem Tartarus’” will take place on Wednesday, 23rd November 2016, 6.00 pm, in the Organ Room of the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin. All welcome to attend.

The Harrison Medal is awarded by the President and Council of the Society for Musicology in Ireland to recognise outstanding achievements in musicology. Laureates to date include Professor Christoph Wolff in 2004 (for his contribution to Bach scholarship), Professor Margaret Bent in 2007 (in recognition of her contribution to the study of music in the middle ages), Professor Kofi Agawu in 2009 (for his contribution to historical musicology, analysis and the study of African music), Dr Christopher Hogwood in 2011 (for his exemplary combination of musical scholarship and the performance of early music), and in 2013 Professors Barra Boydell and Harry White for the first Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland.